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In the earthquake faults between tectonic plates, the suture zone is the in between place where they meet. I find in that a metaphor for the times in which we live... and invite your conversation in the suture zone.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, it's been forever since my last substantial post (if ever there were any :-) ).

I appreciate your patience. My work calendar this winter/spring (and, yes, now the summer) has been somewhat overwhelming with many more hours required than normal. Plus there have been a number of other things to deal with that I can't really blog about because they involve other people.

For anyone wondering (and I know that some of you check this blog regularly), I'm okay. Not great, not fantastic, just okay. My latest project is helping my parents prepare for their move to Colorado Springs in a few weeks. Among other things.

I will probably get back to blogging when things settle down a bit, if they do settle down. No timetable suggestions. Sorry. And thanks for checking back so faithfully.

Anyway, wishing you grace and peace (and health)....



Blogger --Nina said...

Hi Owen. How is the moving going/how has it gone? We hope you and Dorothy are well! We hope to see you sometime--sooner rather than later! :)

7:34 PM  
Blogger Shane Coffman said...

I miss you here, my friend. You could always get my brain spinning...

Hope things are settling for you. Enjoy your 4th holiday.

8:38 PM  

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