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In the earthquake faults between tectonic plates, the suture zone is the in between place where they meet. I find in that a metaphor for the times in which we live... and invite your conversation in the suture zone.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well.... It's like this. (Some of you already know.)

Dorothy's ears were assaulted by some very loud sounds this past November/December that resulted in a condition called tinnitus (ringing in the ears), followed by a hypersensitivity to sound (which most doctors don't recognize as a legitimate condition, but I can assure you it does exist!).

Many of you know that my wife is a lifelong musician who makes her living by playing the piano as an accompanist and by teaching private and group piano lessons. Though she has continued teaching, she hasn't been to work as an accompanist since before Christmas. This has put a real damper on my being able to post on my blog and on

So, that's why there has been nothing here since before Christmas.

She is improving, so that's good. I'm hoping to post occasionally now and then.

In the meantime, just one note of interest...

In January of 2006 I posted several times regarding my visit to Mt. Calvary Monastery and Retreat Center in Santa Barbara. One of my posts, that dealt with the Grand Silence that begins after Compline and lasts all night until breakfast (or after breakfast one day), has been picked up and linked to in a Wikipedia article on Compline. You can go here to find it. It is the link entitled "Great Silence" in the second paragraph.

One small (and probably fleeting) moment in the sun.....

Grace and peace,