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In the earthquake faults between tectonic plates, the suture zone is the in between place where they meet. I find in that a metaphor for the times in which we live... and invite your conversation in the suture zone.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

quick notes and worship...

Well, as I promised several weeks ago, here is my first blathering post. Please forgive. It’s just the discipline of the thing I’m trying to achieve. These kinds of posts are going to be short and sweet. Perhaps even meaningless.

My fingers are sore as I type this. I played last night for our Soul’d Out service. (I play guitar) and had let my callouses go during the summer by not playing much. So it is painful to press down on these keys.

Yesterday morning’s worship centered around becoming a living sacrifice. It included an offering on behalf of the Katrina hurricane victims. We sang Still by Reuben Morgan (from Hillsong in Australia) with pictures of the tragedies and heroic rescues of victims showing on the screen. Though my back was to the congregation while I directed the song, when I turned around, many were wiping their eyes.

Last night’s Soul’d Out worship was focused on adoration. We used the Phos Hilaron at the beginning of the service. I’ll explain more in tomorrow’s post.

Quite the contrast between the two services, even though we sang a few of the same songs. I believe people were moved in both, hopefully moved to be better reflections of Jesus in the world this morning and tomorrow and the day after.

So why has worship changed over the millennia? I was taught – and now reject – that worship changed because of the unfaithfulness of the church to the approved biblical examples (as if there are any!). That is a bit naïve, especially when you consider that we don’t do ancient chants in my heritage.

But back to my question… why has worship changed over the millennia? What have we left behind us to gather dust that we might want to reach back and dust off? What is newly emerging?

There is more to this sea change that I refer to as the suture zone than just worship. But I want to explore this a bit. And what is it that calls me as a post-modern person to acknowledge that which is greater than myself? How does that look? Especially, how does that look for people on the move, on this journey? And how does it look to someone who has rejected the modern view of Christianity and God?

Questions, questions.... Pesky questions!

Grace and peace,



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